Al Labib Lawyers is a digital platform listing lawyers in all specialties so that the users and companies can browse, choose and write to the lawyer, take paid consultations.

Also it’s targeting Lawyers and legal consultants to register and build their personal profile to show their experiences in such law speciality.

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The problem:

For the End-user, they have three main problems to get legal advice, find a good lawyer, in less time and low cost.

For the Lawyers and legal consultants, it was to find an easy way to communicate and provide their legal advice to clients and a simple way listing new, pending and finished legal advice showing each case’s fees and total earnings.

For the Owner, is to find a way to keep both client and Lawyer inside the app, can view, activate, deactivate a Lawyer, and can view case’s fees and total earnings for each Lawyer in the same app.


Reem Al Naqbi

Release Date

July 2022


App Design / Dev.