Oh! Message is a chatting app that offers the highest level of privacy. The typical user is between 19-65 years old. Oh! Message’s goal is to make chatting private, secured, and fun for all types of users.

The problem: 

People chatting a lot to maybe sharing sensitive data like user credentials, passwords,  and \ or bank account information. Available chatting apps have cluttered designs, and inefficient systems for privacy, and confusing manually editing privacy processes.

Case Study Slide deck

User research: pain points

Personal Privacy: Chatting app designs are often manually setting receiving messages and availability status, which impacts in an embarrassment between users.

General Privacy: Keeping chat’s messages between users and\or on cloud servers make revealing a secret so easy, which sometimes leads grudges.

Blocking: Chatting apps provide blocked users a prove information they have been blocked, which sometimes leads grudges too.


Oh Message

Release Date

Sep 2021


App Design / Dev.